Like an American: Top Ten American Designers

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A lot of the high-end and couture fashion designers are of European decent, I’ve noticed. This week, I wanted to take a chance to appreciate the designers who hail from our beloved America and applaud their accomplishments. I chose ten of my favorite American designers.

1) Marc Jacobs was born in New York, New York and attended Parsons School of Design. In his teens, Jacobs worked at an upscale boutique Charivari. Between folding clothes, straightening the store and dressing mannequins, the staff let Jacobs design sweaters for the store. This led to his acceptance into Parsons and his winning the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award and Design Student of the Year when he graduated in 1984. Jacobs eventually became women’s-wear designer for Perry Ellis. Then in 1993, Jacobs formed his own label, Marc Jacobs. In 1997 Jacobs got…

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Top Ten…Animated Disney/Pixar Films!~

Jersey Joker 24/7


Top Ten … Animated Disney/Pixar Films!~

This is a personal list, so it is not my view what should be seen as the end all be all for Disney animated films, just my personal viewing.

10) The Little Mermaidthe_little_mermaid

Now if this list was created by my Disney-Fanatic girlfriend, The Little Mermaid would rank as #1, but this isn’t her list, it’s my list. Speaking of her…in case any of you would like to read about her love of Disney and running you can do so at The Final Forty [/ShamelessPlug] But for me The Little Mermaid was the first Disney film I ever saw. It came out in 1989, making me around 3 years old and my parents took me to see it, cause it’s a cartoon and I’m a little kid, so that math equals success for parents looking for an hour and half of rest. I didn’t…

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Top Ten | Books Before Blogging

The Girl and Her Books

I’m doing another Top Ten Tuesday, which is a weekly feature brought to you by the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is top ten favorite books before I was a blogger.

I feel like I just started blogging. I mean it hasn’t even been two years. I feel like I’ve cheated a lot of the books that I loved, but they really that comprises of Agatha Christie novels and classics. That seems kind of boring. I wanted to make a list that wasn’t just books I read when I was younger, but that’s pretty much how it ended up. Sorry about that. I try for diversity, but I never really succeed in that. To make up for that I’ve actually taken pictures of the books this time. In no particular order, we have:

1. The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue by Manuel Muñoz
I read these short…

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Top Ten Rolling Stones Songs

Kendall Lacey's Webworld


1. Paint It Black
2. Out Of Time
3. Sympathy For The Devil
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Midnight Rambler
6. Not Fade Away
7. Street Fighting Man
8. Let’s Spend The Night Together
9. Miss You
10. Gimme Shelter

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10 Bad Writing Habits

Top Ten 90s Films

Blue Sky Daze

The 90s seems like just yesterday so it’s hard to believe that there’s been a whole other decade between then and now. Even though I was just a kid back then, I fondly remember a lot of the films that were made during this time. Although the following were all made in the nineties, they weren’t all set in that time. However with the ones that were; it’s hilarious to note the clothes, music, oversized phones and slang that was considered so cool back then! So, in no particular order, here’s a round-up of my personal top ten films from the ’90s. Did your favourites make the list?

Toy Story (1995)

Toys come to life when their owners aren’t about! Woody the cowboy doll immediately feels threatened by the arrival of fancy new action figure Buzz Lightyear. This is one of the cutest films ever made. It’s hard to believe it was first released eighteen years ago because its humour, heart and originality ensures…

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Most Read Books in the World